Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rain Bringin' Sunshine (a cancer-free post)

So, I have tons to update y'all on...but I'm waiting until tomorrow because I'm superstitious like that;) In the meantime, lemme share with you something that made my friggin' week ('ll have to wait for that). You know that whole thing where in addition to being a yoganerd, I'm also a big ole music nerd? Maybe that just makes me a nerd...whatevs. My name is Laura and I love classic Showtunes and Musicals. And Glee, which is pretty much the same thing (I have irrational fantasies about having my kiddies at C-wold strap on costumes and perform choreographed dance numbers...but then I remember that that's insane). Cabaret? Hell yeah. Funny Girl? Sign me up. Holiday Inn? Yup. Les Miserables (not technically classic, but oh well)? OMFG.  You name it, I love it and can probably (half-assedly) belt out 98% of the score (including the interludes that no one knows). Also, I may have a mild (lies) love of Rhianna. And Lady Gaga. And Ke$ha (it hurts to admit that).

SO, with that in mind, there is one musical that stands above all. One that makes me spazz out with nerd more than (almost) any other. That musical, my dear patient friends, is Singin' in the Rain. This is a love affair that started when I was a kid and watched it on TCM and thatlove was cemented when my high school put on a production of it when I was a...freshman? Sophomore? I dunno. Clearly being the band nerd that I am (maybe I'm a chorus nerd now?), I was in the pit orchestra, resulting in my ability to sing (or whistle, far more annoying) all of the uh, a few musicals.

My friends, especially my non-Gleek friends, please allow me to share with you the most amazing thing I have ever viewed on television (that might be a lie...).  I give you Singin' in the Rain AND Rhianna...and Mr. Shu...and Gwennyth Paltrow...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, here ya go. ENJOY!:

P.S. Phil and I are TOTALLY cozied in and watching Singin' in the Rain as I type:)

Thank you to you who reached out over the last week, whether in written word or in thoughts sent through the universe. Your support and love and...well, just energy is overwhelming and sustaining and the best medicine on the planet. Thank you for reminding of what is important and lifting my heart, nudging it back to where it belongs. Just, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.



  1. My favorite part of last night too!!! I knew we were meant to be friends :) I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post. xoxo CAL

  2. I heart Rhianna (and Beyonce) and it would make me super happy if they would tour together :). Miss and love you girl.

  3. Loved it. Love anything that makes me smile. Nan

  4. Hey Miss Laura, it's Lisa B from school. I have been reading all of your blogs and keeping up with you(not in a creepy way). This one was my favorite. I called Sammy right away and she's going on as I type. Our love to you. We all miss you very much. Lisa

  5. I bet you really hafta REALLY HUG IN to dance on a wet stage like that. Impressive!

    love you Laura!

  6. Hi Laura!! It's Sammy Borzillo. I'm currently on the phone with my mother now and she told me about your blog and I just HAD to go on and see you..and the GLEE POST :) I loved the episode, it was AMAZING! My fellow gleek, if you ever get bored and want to email me, my email is I've read some of your blog, you are quite the trooper. Well, I just wanted to say hello and I hope you are doing well!

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  8. I'm so gleeful you wrote a glee post. gleeeeeee!!! now I want to hear you sing. no presh.