Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ummmm, yo....

Happy New Year and such!

I've been horrendous at updating since arriving home. Mostly because I've been either really busy or crying my eyes out...or sleeping. Though I won't promise to update tomorrow (because I always seem to break that promise), I will promise to share what's up soon. In the mean time, this little nugget gave me something to chew on while I've been wallowing in post holiday-winter-tailbone injury (oh yeah, that's a cool story...) funk. Enjoy:

From 14,000 Things to be Happy About: 
"imagining you are a kite soaring high in the sky, reveling in your surrender to the winds but aware of the tail that balances you and the string that anchors you to the ground and keeps you safe"

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  1. aaahhhh. reading certain words, strung together just right, feels as comforting as the cozy blanket on my couch, at my favorite time of every day; the point of putting down my guard and curling up with my loves at the end of a long day. Love that quote, Laura. And i'm really wanting to send comfort to you in these weird post-holiday, sore tailbone, funky days of January. xoxox