Friday, July 2, 2010

Bucket List....of sorts

In the week since school let out for summer, I've found myself compiling a bucket list of sorts. Allow me to make this clear: I DO NOT EXPECT TO DIE. Righto. Call it a coping mechanism (I will, especially because it's easier to admit to than the number of cocktails I've enjoyed in the last week...oops, did I just make that public?). It may be true that it feels as though I need to cram in as many experiences a possible before this transplant, however, what has become clear is that I rather enjoy grabbing life by the balls. If you have known me for a while, as in, before this whole cancer nonsense, you may know that I am...a chicken. Easily embarrassed, shy (no really, I promise) and a bit of a homebody. When one is faced with the distinct possibility that one may never be the same again, things change a bit.

With that said, her is a short list of "firsts" in the last week. Some of these are things I've always wanted to do, some just happened spontaneously, some aren't even "firsts" or "onlys"- just fun and most are very, very stupid. Away we go.

- spent an entire day in bed watching trashy television reruns
- pickled something (tomatoes, they were delicious)
- sang karaoke solo. in public. (show tunes. Cabaret no less, it was....horrifying).
- purchased an item from a high-end designer (Betsey Johnson, $30 earrings...dream big, right?)
- attended yoga class everyday for a week- not a first, just hasn't happened in a long time. this felt particularly indulgent :)
- as a result of ^: touched my foot to my head in a new pose (WHAAAAAA!!!)
- saw a matinee movie with a friend
- spoke my heart and mind in a difficult situation in a non-confrontational way (I would say that this was the biggest moment for me this week. The situation is a complicated one and the words were difficult to say, but in the end, it was the right thing to do. The circumstance would not be appropriate to share here at the moment, please forgive me. Maybe one day it will be.)
- bought a pair of insanely large sunglasses ($3!!!!)....and wore them in public.

Next up??? Horseback riding! Stop laughing...I'm not kidding!:)

Happy 4th of July, y'all!


  1. I love bucket lists; my mom and I were comparing ours last month! what's next? touch foot to head WHILE wearing huge sunglasses and designer earrings while singing karaoke showtunes? look out, world!

  2. Sarah Brightman you were my lovely. I think I was the laughing stock of the place. I heard P was on the floor laughing. Yeah!! Love you!