Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A dedication and a request

This post is humbly dedicated to a strong, inspirational young man named Craig. Some of you may have watched his episode of MTV's True Life: I'm Having a Transplant which aired several months ago (it is available on MTVs website to watch as a streaming video). If so, you have an idea of what this young man has been through and of is strength and courage.

Craig is 26, married, battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is now in the end stages of his life. He has shared nearly every step of his journey from diagnosis to transplant to learning that his transplant failed and now from this life, into the next life. He has been broadcasting live from his hospital bed the last week or so and I have been watching every moment. He has given inspiration and perspective to so many, myself included. If you are friends with me on facebook, you may have seen the link I posted a few days ago, but it is so, so worth posting here as well.

If you believe in prayer, or setting an intention, or sending energy....anything at all...please send some into the universe for Craig. He is leaving behind his wife, also 26,  of only a year and a half and mountains of medical bills. Please consider not only reading his blog or checking out his live broadcast, but also his request to donate for his wife and to join the Be The Match registry (if you read this blog and you haven't joined the bone marrow registry by now, may hoards of beetles scare you in the shower for the next thousand mornings...or something horrible like that).

Wishing you, Craig, peace, happiness and comfort....and of course...and always....a miracle. Many thanks for your gifts.

Here is is blog:

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