Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to the Swampy South

Later today, after landing in Houston for my 9 month (9 and a half if you want to be technical) post-transplant check up, I will be posting my First Descents story. Just trust me that the wait is worth it:)

Tomorrow P and I will meet with Dr. de Lima (who I suspect will chastise me for my windburn from last week...), have some blood work done and a bone marrow biopsy.  We'll get to catch up with my dear friend Sarah D. who is preparing for her own transplant in a few weeks and hopefully manage to stay the hell out of the Houston heat. After the glowing positive energy I spent last week basking in, may I just say that I am not fucking happy about having to go down there right now. But, life is full of bad timing and challenge. Reality and responsibility reign these next few days. So it goes.

Check back later for some fun and, as always, MUCH LOVE (and sunscreen!)!!!


  1. Looking forward to reading your story and getting all the good news from Houston. xoxo CAL