Friday, June 17, 2011

Door Prize!

Thank you to Cubbie (Kevin LaCrosse) for these fantastic shots of First Descents camp B.A.M.F. in Estes Park, CO.

Once I figure out how to make one of these slide shows of my own, I'll post another video with my photography skillz (or lack thereof) along with my long-overdue entry.

This experience had an extremely profound impact on my healing and on my view of the importance of programs like First Descents in the young adult cancer survivor community. So profound, in fact, that I came home and promptly dedicated myself to a Team FD Challenge to raise the funds for another young adult to attend this program, a sum of roughly $1,000. My Team FD Challenge is to perform, at a minimum, 1,000 Sun Salutations (go HERE for an explanation of what the heck that is), one Sun Salutation for every dollar donated to my team. If we raise $3,000, guess who is doing 3,000 of 'em...THIS GIRL! At present, I've performed 40 Salutations, one day's worth, dedicated to this cause and have roughly 280 more to go before I'm caught up with the generous donations from the last few days. You bet I caught my first donation's worth of Sun Salutations on camera and you bet it's going to be posted on here for all to see.

For information about my Team FD Challenge, please visit 1,000 Sun Salutations.

Much love, dear friends.


  1. The slideshow is amazing! It looks like you had a great experience. I'm so glad it was so healing for you.

  2. Laura: Those shots were truly amazing as were all of you participating. What an experience. Your sharing it with all of us made it so real. Good luck with your mission in sending another deserving person on this life-altering trip. Love you, Nan