Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog and Ye Shall Receive (or something like that)

Well, only about an hour after I posted the last entry here I got a phone call from Dr. M's office about the HLA typing done on E and J.

 Drum roll please........

They are both HALF matches.

What does this mean? Well, it means that neither will be my donor due to a whole slew of complicated reasons. It also means that i will find my donor in the National Marrow Donor Registry, or the Be The Match program.  Apparently there are some possible matches for me already, but further testing and searching is needed. It will take up to three months now for my donor to be found, confirmed, retested, harvested and donated. This is not the outcome we were hoping for but there's no looking back now (and no changing the way that Mom and Pop S's bidness got mixed).  There are some advantages to the MUD (matched unrelated donor) transplant, though. So there's that.

Let's fucking boogie leukemia.

Please visit the Be The Match site for more information and TO BE THE MATCH!!!!


  1. several of my colleagues here at the Science Center are on the registry. One of them, John W, asked for your picture so he could have a mental image of a person he might be able to help. He and I are looking into having a donor sign-up event, at the least for our 200 employees & 300 volunteers, but even better for our 1M visitors. Maybe that effort can hurry up your successful match!

  2. Hey Laura, I'm praying for you to find a match! Keep fighting. :)