Thursday, May 20, 2010

If one more person...

comes near me with a needle or an ultrasound wand, they are getting throatpunched.

Ok, not really. I would never do such a thing, but it makes me feel better to fantasize about clocking the surly nurse who is assaulting me with the aforementioned wand. Quick question: if someone says "OWWWWWWWW! My vagina!"and scoots three feet away from you, do you stop what you are doing and ask her if she's OK, or do you  jam the offending object deeper and tell her that she should have peed before the ultrasound? I suppose I could just ask you if you have a heart, then I would know the answer. Yowza.

My heart goes out to those women out there who have had to go through long rounds of IVF treatment. You are all stronger and braver than I. This is brutal, but so, so, SO worth every stick, poke, 7 am ultrasound and hormonal rage. Um, btw I think that's what this post is the result of- my body is literally screaming "WTF, L!?". Sorry guys :/. (also, does anyone else hear that actress from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' saying "hormonies" whenever they see the word hormones? I know I do, and it makes me laugh every. freaking. time.).

Anywho(ha)::snicker::, we're making L and P freezerbabies this weekend. Supercool! I love him so much:)

I also have another post that has been brewing all week that has nothing to do with hormones or needles, it's just taking awhile for me to craft what I want to say.

Much love.


  1. Freezerbabies...Ha! What an image! Good luck!

  2. ok, ultrasound wand sounds not nearly as fun as the wand Galinda had in the musical last night.....

  3. Ugh! I've had the ultrasound wand thing happen to me too - not a great experience. When I read the part about jamming it in, I got painful flashbacks and they made the throat punch seem very appropiate!!