Monday, May 31, 2010

You wanna know something?

Having something shitty happen to you (or someone close to you) does not give you license to act like a complete fucking asshat for like, years. Temporary asshatting when something shitty happens? Totally cool with me. As in, for a very short period of time. Like, ahhhh, a day or two. Anything longer makes you an extra large asshat and I don't do hats (no, seriously, have you ever seen me in one? bad news).  Cancer sucks. I kinda know. Doesn't make me special (or an asshat, I hope), just makes me get my fucking priorities in order. 

My phone is on and my door is open, but only if you take off your asshat first.    Mmmkay?

*this post probably has nothing to do with you.  I promised myself I would be honest and real with this blog thing and sometimes being real and honest means throwing up your hands in disgust and saying what you've wanted to say for a long time. Forgive me for being so grouchy, I promise this message is WELL EARNED.


  1. I wish blogger had a like button, I'd totally click it.

  2. I keep having visions of you with a hat on that looks like an ass. Amazing.