Monday, May 31, 2010


Is what I have today.

Maybe watching a few too many hours of mindless shallow dribble this weekend has launched me into this, but all I want to fucking do is buy a few cute dresses and suck down a giant, calorie ridden cocktail while discussing my trivial 20-something "drama" with a few topical friends.


Bank account is drained (yay freezerbabies!), there is no vodka left in the house (um, yeah),  there is no such thing as trivial 20-somehting year old "drama" in this house because cancer ate it and, if my last post is any indication, topical friends were excised a long while ago.

This too shall pass, but for now? FUCK. THIS. NOISE.

Gonna go do some down-dogs and up-dogs to shake this shit outta me.

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