Thursday, June 10, 2010

And now for something completely different

So, after reading my last two posts, I sort of feel like a jackass (asshat?).  Who am I to call anyone an asshat or to bitch about not being able to buy a new dress? Yeah, I'm no one.   In all seriousness, I really do feel guilty for posting whiny posts. In my very first entry I stated that I had a commitment to be positive and yogic and I have not done so as of late. Maybe it's the thousand consecutive nights without sleep or the end of the academic year, but I must say: Mea culpa up in here.

To make up for my jackassery (asshatery?) here are some non-cancer related WTFs from today. Feel free to laugh at me, someone should.

1) While walking to work this morning, a man stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking my way, and fondled himself while staring at me. My head went down and then the police were called. Uh, yep.

2) There were two cakes at work today. One of which (the most deeeeelicious one), no one knew what it was for or where it came from. Yay mystery cake!

3) A child stood on a chair and screamed in my class this afternoon. I take no responsibility (or full responsibility if you are my boss/ that kid's parent and you are reading this).

4)Having not slept in, ah, weeks, I chose to skip yoga class tonight and nap on the couch in my heels from work. P came home and, upon seeing the state I was in (did you read #1?), whisked me off to The Guard House (a restaurant in Gladwynn which is very special to us. go there. you won't regret it). Good lord, I do not deserve him.

5) While sitting at the bar, half asleep, milking a cocktail, an older woman walked in. She approached a woman seated next to us, who we found out later was her sister, and apologized for her tardiness due to the fact that she had been having phone sex for the past hour. Yes, you read that correctly. This woman who, by my estimate was in her seventies, had spent an hour having phone sex. And had no qualms about sharing as much with her sister. Loudly. In a fancy bar. I nearly spat out my vodka. Go you, madame.  P was scandalized. Me? Made my friggin week (and probably her's too). 

6) This same woman stated to her sister that P and I (the lovebirds at the end of the bar, as we were called. Thanks!) were cute, however, P was much too young for me. I should have an older husband. After all, she only married multimillionaires several (many) years her senior for a reason. Hi. la. ri. ous. You madame, are fantastic.

7) I face planted into my laptop 5 minutes ago.

There ya go.

In other news, I still have no word on a donor. According to my onc, Dr. Raj, MDA is taking their time matching a donor for me 'because they have the time'. Good. Thank you. Let's get this shit done right the first time.  Just don't wait too long, this is killing me (haha, funny cancer joke).

Also, there are many thanks to be sent into the world from me. From my heart to yours, thank you. Deepest, humble, thanks.


  1. Missed you in yoga , in my seventies ,< 11 years away>I want the real thing. Wild world.
    Love is contagious

  2. Ditto on the real thing comment! Btw, my cousin Geralinda in Austria (is that your 2nd cousin?) DID marry at least three men each of whom was twice her age, starting at her age 25. Today they're gone & she's in the international horse racing, fur wearing set -- $$$$. So it's in the family!