Monday, June 14, 2010

Blog and Ye Shall Receive, Part Deux : otherwise known as How I found out I'm one in a billion

We have a match!

Sorry, I couldn't think of a witty way into that announcement:).

 Seriously though, holy shit. Months of waiting, countless sleepless nights and it all comes down to this. The call came this afternoon, while I was in the car with my dearest friend, M. She showed all the exuberance I was too tired to show by karate kicking her way around her house a few moments later. Love her. Thanks, M.

We have a match:).

Evidently I have a rather unique tissue type and there was only ONE person in the world that was my match. One. I can actually say that I am truly one in a billion. "Clinically Proven". Fucking cool.

The kicker? That person was 'unavailable'. HA! Just my friggin luck, right? These last several weeks of torture have been the result of this fact. Because that person was 'unavailable', I am now going to have a 9/10 match, or an Matched Unrelated Donor (MUD) 9/10 match. Not entirely ideal, but I'll take it- with enormous gratitude. This person, my 9/10, has sent in their blood and is currently going through the rigors of the re-testing process. Whoever you are, thank you. Thank you for giving me life.  I am forever in your debt. May you have all the blessings in the world, you are a saint. (btw, have YOU joined the Be the Match registry? no? why the hell not?!).

On July 8th I will be returning to Houston one last time before the official move day to meet with Dr. deLima to discuss the chemo and transplant process, risks, effects, outcomes. Then, roughly 4 weeks later, to the day, I will receive my transplant. August 8th (ish) HOLY SHIT.

Let's fucking roll.


  1. CONGRATS on the match!!! I am a new reader and I couldn't be more excited for you!!! I got on the bone marrow registry last week because my brother in law (25 years old) got diagnosed with leukemia recently. Though he isn't getting a marrow transplant at this time I wanted to get on the list and I would be honored to be able to donate to someone. Good luck with everything!!!!

  2. Congrats Laura! I'm so happy for you! Keeping you in my prayers!

  3. Congrats, Laura, you are in my thoughts! Here's to great success in your transplant, and a swift return to Philly!

  4. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe deeper. Exhale. Breathe again. Sending strength. Love, C

  5. So happy for you Laura! Keep us all posted, or bloggled, or something :-) I wish a donateable part of my body would do anybody any good. :-( It sucks being more than willing but not having anything good to offer. I am glad that there are other people out there able and willing and that someone has come through for you. It must be an amazing feeling that I couldn't even begin to comprehend. <3

  6. Sorry for my belated response; I have been hoping for this news and am so glad you have a match. Reading your blog has helped me to get a glimpse, in real time, of what it must be like to have cancer. My blog is about struggling to cope with a child with "special needs," which, while not unimportant, certainly pales in comparison to what you are going through. btw, Janie, who was erroneously diagnosed with dyslexia, is now reading slightly above grade level! I hope you are sleeping better with a date in sight.