Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Three in the Freezer, Two on the Bed

Today has been a bit of a mellow day, a little bit of an ouchy day as my hip gets to work a-healing. In Houston I was told that walking, standing, dancing are all good things to do when healing up from a BMB (sounds counter intuitive, but it's true!), unfortunately, I don't have the energy to walk and dance circles around my apartment all day.  Don't get me wrong, I've done quite a bit of booty-shaking today, but at the moment, I just kinda feel like resting. Who is gonna keep me company though? Well, while P and I wait to defrost those three little freezerbabies, we have two furbabies to keep us busy, entertained and comforted. Meet my kiddos:

This is Hope. Hi Hope:)
Hope came to us from the PAWS animal shelter two years ago. We went in a few days after I was first diagnosed with CML to rescue a kitty that would hopefully keep my company on the bad days. We had plans for her to be a lap cat...if you know Hope, you know that this picture is a rare one and that Hope as a lap cat is laughable. She gave us hope, so she was named as such. While she turned out to be uh.....less than snuggly...for the first year she lived with us, now she's a total cuddle muffin, in her own way. AWWWWWWWW. (Yeah, she's totally as soft as she looks. Doncha just want to smush your face in her tummy?)

This is Ike. Hi Ike!
Ike came to live with us a little over a year ago when he was a teeeeny tiiiiiiny kitten. A teeny tiny kitten FULL of personality, for sure. He was abandoned in a driveway and came to us through our dear friends, Sue and Brett. Ike earned his name because P and I were so thankful to Sue and Brett for bringing the little booger to us at, what turned out to be, a time of uncertainty in our lives. Sue and Brett's band is named IKE. Also, when he was still a baby, he had these long gray tufts of fur that stuck out of his ears and on his chest that gave him the look of a very mature older kitty. He is just totally an Ike, though he responds mostly to Dude:)

While in Houston I missed these two desperately. When I was in the hospital, I would lay in bed, close my eyes and picture that they were curled up at the foot of my bed. It calmed me.

So, on these kinda of days, though I'm not thrilled about being a little lazy, being surrounded by purring fur is pretty awesome.  You know what else is awesome? This guy's cat:

Whenever I've needed a pick-me-up in the last week or so, these videos are a fantastic standby for a smile (or a gut-busting, tears streaming down my face fit of hysterical laughter).

Much love, friends:) Here's hoping that you too have some one (furry or human) to give you snuggles when you need them.


  1. I've found male cats to be WAY more affectionate than female cats. just an fyi. you have the cutest little furbabies.... and that video is hilarious! john had a cat that slept in a bowl as a kitten and as he grew, he didnt' understand he had outgrown the bowl. funny and a little sad at the same time! haha! pets rock. or shall i be more pc and say, "companion animals rock".

  2. Laura,
    Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you...much love being sent your way:)