Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Update

Aaaaannnddd we're home and given the atrocious weather here in Philly, at a sane time.

I will give a quick update tonight but am excited to share some awesome pictures from the last few days.

The rundown:

My white blood cells don't exist, or very very barely exist. Thus, I have been taken off of one of my drugs (valcyte, if anyone cares), switched to valtrex ( NO, I don't have the herp, it covers viruses. jeez). I also get a Neupogen shot 'for the road'. It hurt like hell, I feel a little flu-ish and have some bone pain to potentially look forward to, BUT , how cool is it that ONE shot can just ::BAM:: fix my WBC? So cool. Science is cool.

I am officially O Negative. My donor's blood type. That, my dear friends, is some majorly amazing shit.

Tomorrow I'll upload our pictures from the Rodeo and my Neupogen shot (because I think it's COOL) and share some other stuff. Thanks for continuing to read, whoever still does. Writing here and having a forum to share this journey is some of the best medicine. Thank you friends:)

Much (soggy) love y'all:)


  1. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. Not sure how I found it. I am from and live in Houston. Glad that you are getting better with the help of MD Anderson! My FIL is going through treatment there as well. Amazing stuff they do there! Good luck to you!!

  2. i may not always comment, but i read. and i love how you express yourself... regardless of the topic. :o) I won't discuss the details here, since we got to in person friday (YAY!), but keep on writing, baby.


  3. Hey Laura,
    I'm glad that you are keeping up your blog. I love reading it. You always make me think...I love that. Hope you are doing well.