Monday, March 21, 2011


 Early this morning (7:30 am, not a morning person) I got an infusion of IVIg because my labs at MDA two weeks ago showed my levels were low. In a nut shell this means that I have low levels of  immunity in addition to struggling to keep my WBC up.

If you remember, sometime in November I got an infusion of this drug (? I don't know what to call it, it's actually sort of a synthetic blood product), with very little fan fair. The first half of the process was basically the same today, until...well, I'll get there. It went a little something like this:

(BTW: PENN's new Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine has nicer infusion rooms than MDA. Big windows in every room looking out over the city, big comfy recliners and televisions that work.  Just sayin'.) 

Insert peripheral line in my wrist (because I DON'T HAVE A PORT!). Draw labs.  Premeds of Tylenol and Benedryl, which knock me out. Start IV.

Yeah, well.

Apparently IVIg can cause nausea and vomiting. Who knew.

About 45 minutes into the infusion I had that sensation. You know the one. Like, "Am I hungry or am I going to yam?". So, unwilling to potentially puke in my infusion room or on myself, I stumbled down the hall into the restroom (which looked EXACTLY like the ones at MDA, very freaky), and....well, you know the rest. Afterward, I alerted my nurse and was totally impressed with the absolutely rapid response from three different nurses and two nursing assistants. My infusion was stopped, the Dr. was paged, fluids started. They even gave me a toothbrush.  Dr. Porter ordered Zofran and an hour later the IV was started at a slower pace, which meant that instead of being done at noon as scheduled, I was done after 3pm.  Oh, because I'm an over sharer like this, when the nurse removed my IV, I squirted blood everywhere. A year ago this would have totally freaked me out. Now? I was impressed at the distance I managed, shoulda measured it. The nurse didn't even notice.

Seems I've forgotten how absolutely tiring these infusion days can be because, when P got me home, I passed out in bed until an hour or so ago. As I type this, I am beginning to nod off again.

Good news? This kind of stuff is worth it because it keeps me healthy. Which is a good thing at the moment because I'm starting to feel like I've caught P's cold...Come on WBC (8.8 today...woo!)!!!! Go! GO! GOOO! Mamma's got a harmonium lesson at the end of the week (!!!:)!!!!).

Anyway, the most important thing about today is that it is my girl Maggie's Birthday. So,


Thank you for always being an amazing friend. You are such a bright, bright light.  Hope you had a WONDERFUL day, you've made so many of mine so. Love you girl:)

Much love:)


  1. oh, sweetie pie. you've been on my mind all stinkin' day, because i wore that safari jacket i bought with you. wish i knew you were having a "day", i'd have given different thought to it all! here's to those healthy cells..... and good sleep so they can grow!

  2. yay harmoniums, rest up chica!

  3. Hugs girl -- hope you are feeling better today. Yay harmoniums is right!!! Muchos besos.

  4. Oh wow, this is my first time here (I followed your blog, I 'saw' you on mine) and I'm glad I came :)

    You sound like one tough cookie. I will be putting your blog on my blogroll, so I can keep up with what is going on with you :)


  5. We (your dedicated readers) miss you, but are hoping all is going well with you.....also hoping that you haven't been posting because you're out having fun!