Saturday, October 16, 2010

50 Days

50 bottles of beer on the wall. 50 glasses of champagne (maybe we'll save the champagne for day 100:)).

It's been 50 days. Halfway to the big milestone. Halfway home. Nearly two months since a stranger saved my life. Amazing.

Phil and I spent a GORGEOUSLY NORMAL day together. Slept late. Went to the gym. Did laundry and cleaned.  Napped. Watched the Phillies. It was boring and perfect. Boring is the best kind of day around here. The most excitement today saw was the big bunch of balloons (one is shaped like a giant champagne bottle) Phil lovingly surprised me with (balloons turn me into a giddy five year old, they are just so effing joyful) and the splash of makeup and pink wig I wore to dinner.

We ended the day with a quiet, candlelit dinner where we talked about what our lives will be like in 50 years. 50 years. Our children. Grandchildren. Home. Where we've been by then. Who we'll be. We should do this more often.

50 days. My. God.

Much love:)


  1. your pic makes me LAUGH and feel teary-eyed at the same time! Love to both of you, and to your children and your grandchildren, and to all of us lucky enough to be with you!


    ps, LOVE the new blog set-up. SO green, my fav color.

  2. What a great picture of the two of you! You look beautiful. I think pink is your new color :) xo CAL

  3. When you come back to Philly, in less than 50 days, I hope I can join you, Karen S., and Christie for coffee, cupcakes, or whatever. You are freakin adorable and you rock! Very cute picture of you and your hubby!