Monday, October 11, 2010

Cancery men, stop being gross and lazy

This is the dumbest thing ever to post on my blog considering that NO ONE that this rant applies to will read it, but dammit, I'm posting this anyway. Because I'm mad. And grossed out. And I have the power to post this Hey, maybe some of the dudes who read this will learn something. Who the hell knows.

What's my major malfunction? Well: I am SO FUCKING SICK of having to put down the fucking toilet seat in the bathrooms in ATC. 

What. The. HELL. IS THAT ABOUT! Why isn't there a sign that says "Men: Please put the toilet seat down". There are FOUR "Call don't fall" signs. Four. In one bathroom. What about "Call when you fall in the toilet". Why am I even suggesting a fucking sign? Shouldn't they just know this? Isn't that like, basic man bathroom routine that you learn as a child? Guys? REALLY?

The fact that the bathrooms here are co-ed grosses me out anyway (and there are like, 5 of them for this quarter floor, so it doesn't even make sense) and this toilet seat thing makes me freak every time I see it. We're all immunocompromised. All of us. I don't care if you're not, guy in the room next to me, I've decided that you are because I AM and therefore EVERYONE IS. Or something rational like that. This means that I can get infections VERY EASILY. Things that give people infections? TOUCHING TOILET SEATS THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE GROSSED ALL OVER. Or not. I don't even know if you actually can. It makes sense, plus we're all being pumped full of toxins and THAT can't be OK either.  But it's FUCKING GROSS.

Seriously, MD Anderson, this is the dumbest thing ever. Really? Picture this: I'm wearing a face mask so no one coughs on me on the way to the bathroom but I have to use paper towels to put a FUCKING TOILET SEAT DOWN when I get there or practice advanced yoga to get my foot up to put the damn thing down without losing my flip flop in the TOILET. REALLY?!? Now there's gross on my flip flop. Fuck.

As soon as my nurse (who happens to be the charge nurse today...what luck! Girlfriend doesn't know what's comin') comes to unhook me from my infusion you bet your BUTT I'm saying something. I wonder who I can call about this. Maybe the CEO of the hospital. That would be hilarious... Get ready whoever you are, Laura's steroidal and GROSSED OUT.



  1. My four year old knows to put the seat down when he is done going potty. How gross! Sorry, you have to deal with that. I hope that you can talk to someone to resolve that gross-ness.

  2. PS-I love your decorating! There can never be enough pink!

  3. i've never been a big fan of pink..... TIL NOW. geez, so easily influenced. AND, YES!!! that's DISGUSTING and needs to be addressed, so YOU GO, STEROID GIRL!! whatever, you need to say it. let us know!!!
    and way to teach your boys, kristin.

  4. There's this one volunteer in my office who NEVER puts the seat down. He lives alone, and he probably doesn't even think about it. I take my deep yoga breath and think, WTF?!?!. I hear you Laura, those deep yoga breaths only go so far.

  5. Let them have it, Roid Girl. Give Livvie a call - she'll let you borrow her Hit Girl purple wig :) Yes, that is disgusting and I cannot believe they don't have men/women bathrooms. WTH is that all about. Next time call a nurse and ask her for some gloves.........squeaky wheel gets the oil so I say give that CEO a call. Glad you are having a good time with Phil. xoxo CAL