Saturday, October 9, 2010

Organization, Glamification and Cupcakes

So, I've been an iPhone photo junky the last few's just that I've been missing the step of actually sharing what I'm taking pictures of... oops. After going through them to e-mail them to myself so they could be posted, I realized (with a large amount of amusement) that they fall into three distinct categories: Organization, Glamification (is that a word? whatever if Kimora can make up a word, so can I) and Cupcakes (well, cake too). Ah, the simple life of a BMT patient :) There are a billion pictures, this post is going to be very long. I love you for reading and looking at my ridiculous reversion to 12 year old girl status and obsessive compulsive teachery-ness.

The Great (steroid-fuled) Organization-fest of 2010
Listing all of my meds, sugar readings, appointments, dose changes, and to-dos.  There is just no way to stay on top of all of this without this big reminder, it would feel like drowning. Also, now, Mom and I are completely on the same page about every appointment and especially my meds, which are adjusted almost daily. Check out the pile of piles cases behind my head, it's epic.  Oh, and I was so flipping happy that I could hold this crouching position (comfortably?) while doing may take my hair but you can't take my MALASANA!

The finished product a few days ago, now it's packed even further. The shelves below The BOARD (sounds official, right?) serve to hold all of my flushes for my IV, my 'diabeetus' testing supplies, a board that tracks the dressing changes/cap changes/home flushes on my CVC, and of course a supply of masks and gloves to protect me from the hacking masses. There are two more closets FILLED with similar supplies in back-up. Oh, and that orange bottle is the magic Megace, which thank goodness I haven't needed at all since being 'roided up like a prize fighter.

Glamification and Pinkification
As I mentioned in my vlog a week or so ago, something snapped in my brain that gave me the hell-fire driven compulsion to turn my bedroom into a pink dorm room. NOW. Poor Mom just wanted to get me out of the hospital, grab dinner and go home to watch 30 Rock the night I got discharged but I had to go and have a near breakdown (not exaggerating, my heart was pounding and I thought I was going to lose my mind) over coming home to the decor in that room as it was. (Trust that you would too. Just, trust.) There was something about the thought of walking in there, after two weeks in the hospital surrounded by, well, ugly, and seeing more ugly, or shall I say, things I DID NOT CHOOSE, that made me mental. So, off to Target we went. Even in college, when most girls do the super-girly room decoration thing, my room was in sophisticated neutrals with posters I bought in Paris on the walls (because I'm boring). My first apartment alone? Same thing. Home with Phil? Martha Stewart bedroom colors and some sort of boho thing every where else. Giant pink flowers? Never EVER in my palette. Until now:) AND I FUCKING LOVE IT. Plus Target had EVERYTHING dorm-related on extreme discount so this cost like, nothing, to accomplish. Oh, and because of Halloween there were pink skulls available in abundance.
Thank you to John and Karen Sellman for the puppet-y pink blanket, it ROCKS. The reflection in this pictures from the mirror may not show this but, both bedside laps were atrocious so I wrapped them in bright scarves. Crafty crafty!
Wigs and skulls. Yes, they light up. No, I haven't gotten an extension cord long enough yet, but TRUST that I will.

Tina. Hot pink and hangs out on my sink. Love her.
So relaxing...and pink:) Those prayer flags on the window are one of my favorite things I brought from home. One has hand painted images of the Sacred Heart and the other has Ganesha and Hanuman. Etsy all the way y'all. 
Scarves of many colors and more stories, especially loving that big white one on the left:) The stuffed cat is from my Aunt Chris and softens the home sickness for my fuzzballs. She also wears my headbands (yes, headbands. FOR MY BALD HEAD WITH A WIG!)
Check out that morning view. That's the patio that looks out over the 'bayou' and some beautiful trees. Good stuff:)
If you've ever lived with me you know why this pictures is hilarious. I am NOT a master closet organizer. Steroids are wonder drugs.

Such simple, indulgent gems. At home I would NEVER buy cupcakes from a bakery or (gasp) the grocery store (but there is something DIVINE about a store-bought cupcake delivered after a birthday party to my classroom, that's just an extra kind of magic), always ALWAYS opting to make my own from scratch with crazy ingredients. Also, and Philly folks help me out here, I don't know of any cupcake places at home. No, really, besides the Cupcake Lady truck, are there any??? Whatever, Houston is filled with cupcakes and it seems that everyone here has an opinion about who makes the best. Me? They are all amazing and I eat them with gusto
First up, with extra special gratitude and thanks, cupcakes from Crave Bakery from Tim and Jeannie Bickhart delivered on my birthday. Thank you, Bickhart family, they were DELICIOUS and that was a really amazing and thoughtful surprise:) 
Birthday Cupcakes from Mom and Dad from Celebrity Bakery. Drool. 
Dad getting creative so I could have a "candle" on my Birthday cupcake.
Though not a cupcake, this is pretty cool. The hospital sent a Birthday Cake to my room. We didn't try it because we had BOXES of other (more appetizing) cupcakes available, but I think this is a great touch. Thanks MDA:) Oh, see those two little white bottles sitting behind the cake? Those are 'magic mouthwash' which contains lidocaine. I had GVHD in my mouth on my birthday and everything hurt so I requested the stuff so I could actually enjoy the goodies.
Celebrity Bakery on the day I got that FUCKING AWESOME news (ya hear about that?). Can't have champagne but cupcakes rock just as much. Seriously, doesn't this place look like a dream? Don't you just want to crawl into that case? I heard that Crave is just as cool.
"My Transplant Worked" celebration cupcake. Hells. Yeah. Livin' it up with that milk! (I ate two actually...don't think I'm gluttonous enough to actually post THAT picture...)
Crave Bakery cupcakes Phil picked up the morning I ended up back in the hospital. Unfortunately I was really sick (and kind of didn't notice it?) so I don't remember which ones I liked other than that chocolate one in the lower left corner. THAT one I remember...:)
High Roller Suite: One Random Shot
As part of the post-BMT process, I'm required to go to the Ambulatory Treatment Center (ATC) several times a week for blood work, appointments with my Doctor, APN, PharmD and Endocrinologist. Basically, they take my labs and then stick me in a hospital room (not actually in the hospital) for three or four hours to infuse me with whatever I need. Most of the rooms are the same, small with a bed, TV and chair but SOME of the rooms are awesome. These are the high-roller suites. They are on the front of the Main building overlooking the street with HUGE windows. They are also twice the size of the other rooms. There is one in particular that I only lucked out enough once to get: the corner room. Here I am in the "corner room" (rumor has it that you can request this room...I think I'll let someone else enjoy it though, I've got enough blessin' happening).
BALLA! Special thanks to Shawn and Justicia for the KICK ASS pink skull scarf:) XO
Much Love:)


  1. Sophisticakes Bakery in Drexel Hill (In a little strip of stores kind of inside the Drexelbrook Apartments area) has amazing cupcakes!!! It's not just a cupcake bakery, but they generally have out about 8-10 different kinds on any given day. The menu they have on their website hasn't been updated with their new cupcakes yet, and they always have seasonal cupcakes. I highly recommend the dark chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream icing. It's amazing!

  2. Love the Princess bedroom, especially the bedspread! You did a beautiful job. And the skull lamps are priceless. Think of the years to come when you haul them out with all your Halloween decorations. You can decorate in pink and black instead of orange and black. Seems like you have started a new trend! Enjoy your time with Phil. xoxo CAL

  3. love all the pix, especially the birthday 'candle', and that fuzzy blanket looks it made out of muppets?

  4. Laura,
    I'm going to cut you some slack, because you've probably been in sugar shock with all those damn CUPCAKES...but I don't think teachery-ness is a word! Hyphenated or not.
    I hoped to be done eating for the night when I visited your blog (it's 10:11 pm here) and now I don't think I can contain myself after viewing all those damn CUPCAKES!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

  5. we have to hit "clay's bakery" in paoli when you come back. oh YEAH. right on lancaster ave. i'll wait to go til you get here, so hurry up.


  6. I don't know you, but I love your blog and find it so inspiring. I've never commented until now and go figure-- my first comment is about cupcakes. I am from the Philly area too and wanted to recommend Flying Monkey. There's one in Reading Terminal and one around 11th & Locust. So expensive, but