Saturday, October 2, 2010

The best 100% I could ever score on a test

Another vlog, not becoming a trend, just an important thing:) Sorry it got a touch cut off at the end get the important shtuff:)

Can't wait to show you around my pretty-pretty-princess room:)

Oh my lord, so MUCH LOVE! xoxo


  1. Dear Laura,
    What Amazing, Happy news to wake up to This Sat. Morning! YAY!!!!!!!! Thank you for telling us live. It was wonderful to see the happiness on your face.
    I'm sending shouts of joy for the great news, though also tears for the difficulties and the pain and always prayers.

  2. WOW!
    What a whirlwind of emotions! Yeah for 100%! My students love a 100% on the top of the tests at school. I draw a smiley face with the 00's as the eyes! No need for smileys on paper...your smile and mine are HUGE!
    Love and hugs,
    Mary Lou

  3. Awesome news!!! I'm thrilled for you, and what a blessing to be able to celebrate your news by doing a little re-decorating in your OWN room! Much love!

  4. From Sarah:

    This is amazing news. I love you so much even though you are so far away! Hang in there and enoy your pink room!

    New life source=new possibilities and happiness :)

    I can't wait to come and visit you once you are back in Philly.



  5. Laura: What wonderful news to hear from you first thing this morning. Let's start every day this way. Pink is great, your smile is sunlight. I know that everyone who reads it is smiling though tears. God bless. Hugs and kisses, Nan

  6. Wonderful news, Laura--and auspicious timing. This process is definitely hard to get your mind around--100% donor cell marrow? Changing DNA? what amazing science, knowing, underlies those changes! And, of course, the powe of super healthy donor cells is awe-inspiring. Waiting for more good news :-) live to you, your donor marrow and new DNA ! Chris

  7. You overachiever, you! 100%! Go Laura!

    <3, Max and Dolly

  8. AAAAAHHHHHHH,.... there's that smile.... so happy for you, so happy for us! tearful joy, here, my friend! xxxooo God bless that donor.

  9. How exciting! So, so, so so, HAPPY for you!

  10. Hey girl, so thrilled to learn this news. Much love.

  11. :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Such good news!!! I'm soo happy for you!!

    <3 Katy

  12. The lyrics to a Beatles song came to me after viewing this vlog...

    And in the end.
    The love you take
    is equal to the love you make.

    I think this says it well. You share ALL you can possibly share. The world, known or anonymous, feels your love and returns it in kind, multiplied by billions or more!

    So glad to share your happiness and tears. Looking forward to many more smiles, as yours is beautiful.