Tuesday, September 7, 2010

89 bags of morphine on the wall...and a pile of hair on the floor

Welp, not gonna lie here (I know I say that a lot but...meh) I've been in excruciating pain for the last two days. As in, begging for morphine pain. Which has turned me into a major grump. Like, MAJOR grump.  Goddamn mucositits. The pain has moved from my mouth and into my throat, which I thought would be an improvement...but then I remembered that swallowing is an essential bodily function. OH swallowing, how I miss thee. And burping, holy hell does burping hurt. That's just cruel. Ya ever have one of those horrible sore throats that makes it feel like you have a softball rolled in glass lodged in there? Yeah, that's what I've got. The "burns" in my mouth have almost completely cleared, and the pain was better today than yesterday, but this still blows. Last night, STARVING for something solid to eat, I ordered pasta with oil and garlic for dinner (and some veggie soup and a popsicle).

Oh my GOD did it smell good...but all of it felt like swallowing swords. Ugh. P finally made me throw in the towel (15 minutes of crying, cursing and shaking), call the nurse for the heavy stuff (I need to write an ode to morphine...or maybe that's what this is...) and resorted to milk and a protein drink for dinner. Chocolate milk. Friggin' awesome. Due to my morphine high, the milk carton was just about the funniest damn thing I've ever seen in my life...my husband, dear husband documented my crazy. Might as well share it here.

In other news, my hair is FINALLY starting to fall out. It seems kind of strange to put the 'finally' in there, but ladies, for real, you know how itchy it is when you can't shave your underarms and legs. Fun fact? The hair on your head is NOT the first hair to fall out.....I'll let you figure that one out. One big perk here is that this 'hair removal', while the suckiest imaginable in practice, yields pretty kick ass smooth and un-irritated results. So there's that.  Today the hair on my head started falling out in earnest and I'm starting rock the leopard look.I hear that's very in this fall anyway. Will totally post pictures when the baldness gets awesome.

There is definitely some really exciting news to share in the coming days but I'm too paranoid to post it yet. Let me just say that Mom and I were really REALLY happy today ;). For now, I'm gonna lie back in bed, suck on a popsicle and wait for the pain meds to kick in. To my H-ford friends, C-wold and music dept. in particular, happy start of the school year! Hoping those little buggers were good today (Mike, if my kids are out of line, scare them with the milk picture of me....tell them I'm going to creep into their windows at night and cackle into my milk carton....or something like that).

Much love!


  1. Glad the morphine helps! Good luck!

  2. Thinking about you .
    Sorry for the suffering
    Happy for your morphine.
    Let the healing continue.
    Sending love and healing energy

  3. Laura,
    Ouch, the throat pain sounds really tough. I hope it passes, and fast. I also hope the reason you and your Mom were very very happy gets solid enough for you to share -- keeping my fingers crossed!
    Love, Chris

  4. Laura

    the throat pain sounds wretched, yuck! Sending love on the wings of grace :)


  5. Oh my gosh, I loved the line for Mike at the end - fantastic!

    Hoping the morphine keeps doing its job and you can get some rest.


  6. Sweet Laura. You are lovely, with or without hair. Take a trip over to see Liv - the two of you can compare stories about the mouth sores. I cannot even begin to imagine how badly you two feel and how frustrating it must be to not be able to eat. But, you two will get through this. Keep up the positive attitude, it's contagious. xoxo Aunt Lizzie aka CAL (Crazy Aunt Lizzie).

  7. Laura: Sounds like a strep throat times 10. Even though you have been told this stage doesn't last long, it must feel like an eternity. Hang in there sweetie. Love you, Nan

  8. (i kinda wish i could observe or interact with "laura on morphine", that pic is so damn funny.) but this isn't funny, and sorry for even thinking that.... you make it easy to be somewhat light about this whole thing. sorry about your pain, you just take it all like a champ, i don't know how, but GEEZ. sending love! as always! xox