Monday, September 20, 2010

Gratitude List

On this, my 25th Birthday, there is no other way I can think to celebrate than to express my gratitude for the people and things that have helped me get to this age. Those people and things that have showered blessings upon blessing on me.  Here is my Gratitude List. One thing for every year of my life. They are not listed by number because these things cannot be ranked.

* I am grateful to my Mom and Dad for giving me life, for bringing me up in love and always being there to lift me up with advice, a smile and a hug.
* I am grateful for my sister and brother who have been best friends, worst enemies, partners in crime and always always there by my side.
* I am grateful for my husband: a strong, loving man who stood the test of "for better or worse, for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health' even before we stood up to take those vows.
* I am grateful for my Nan for her strong and steadfast love, wise advice and generous heart.
* I am grateful to my Aunts and Uncles for their love, support, prayers, hilarious cards and generosity.
* I am grateful for my cousins, first and extended, for their kinship, love, warm facebook posts, talent and ties that bind.
* I am grateful for the generations of Slavins and Romans who have come before, some I've known and many I've not had the chance to be blessed with, their gifts swell in my veins.
* I am grateful for my donor, who selflessly endured a painful procedure for a girl he doesn't know, simply so that I may have a second chance at life.
* I am grateful for my Mother, Father and Brother-in-Law  for accepting me into their family and treating me like their own daughter, with love and unending kindness. 
* I am grateful for the rest of the extended Esposto family (all sur names included) for the laughs, the love, the friendship and the feeling of togetherness.
* I am grateful to my coworkers who have become dear friends, some like family, for their generosity in time, resources, shoulders to cry and laugh on during the tough days and for the piles of cards that never fail to brighten my day.
* I am grateful for my yoga teacher and kula who have become so much more than that, so much more than just friends. You are part of my spirit and heart and you feed the lifeblood within and keep me humble.
*I am grateful for old friends (especially that special 15 year marathon BFF) who have grown into my heart like a tree grows roots into the earth and who have provided more good advice and good times than anyone deserves.
* I am grateful for new friends who have walked into my life with bright smiles and open hearts and the promise of years to come.
* I am grateful for lost friends, those who have taught so much about friendship and self and communication.
* I am grateful for the friends I barely know, those who read this blog and comment with love and support, you reach out in the same way as friends of decades and teach humility.
* I am grateful to my doctors and nurses for their expert and compassionate care.
* I am grateful for the scientists and researchers who pioneered the drugs, equipment and techniques that keep me alive.
* I am grateful for the patients who have come before me, those that pushed for better care, more answers and those whose lives taught those doctors and nurses and researchers valuable information so that I may benefit someday.
* I am grateful for the sun that shines through my window, and on glorious days of freedom on my face, for the rain that washes the air, for the wind that cools the heat, for the clouds that speckle the sky and give us something beautiful to look at.
* I am grateful for the three embryos sitting in deep freeze back in PA, waiting to someday enter this world in more love than they will ever understand.
* I am grateful for the practice, the thousands of years old practice, the newer principles, the teachings of sages and the words of current gurus and teachers who have built a foundation for me to rebuild a life and a cushion to fall back on.
* I am grateful for my students, all of my students, who have taught the innocence and wisdom of childhood and who have given uplifting hugs (even when they shouldn't) and some of the best cards I've ever seen. Miss you guys.
* I am grateful for every single card, note, e-mail, package, facebook post, video, text message, voicemail, phone call that has poured in over the last few weeks and indeed, the last two years.
* I am grateful for a doctor who was willing to drive to a lab late on a Christmas Eve two years ago to make sure that I would be able to spend a holiday with my family and who made sure I got an appointment here.
*I am grateful for the life in me. May I never, ever take it for granted.


  1. Laura ,
    So grateful for you.
    To be so wise at 25 ,world watch out.
    Selfishly wait for you to come home.
    Love Andrea

  2. what a great thing to do on your birthday. I may have to borrow it come my 26th! Can't wait for you to be back in Philly!

  3. Jesus, Laura. and i mean that in the very most respectful way i could say it. I, too, am grateful for all you've shared and taught me- and for more to come. Birthday Love! <3

  4. Lovely post, Laura. Thank you for expressing your gratitude in this way. May it come back to you a thousand fold. Many happy birthdays to you. Love, Chris

  5. Laura, we are all so grateful to know you. I honor you today on your birthday and always, thanks for sharing your light :)

  6. I'm grateful to have a teacher like you Laura. To be reminded about how beautiful this life is and how there are people strong enough to take adversity and turn it into something awe-inspiring. This world is better with you in it.

  7. Laura: I am, always have been, and, always will be grateful to have you as my grandaughter. I hope that you are feeling better today. Love you Nan

  8. Happy Birthday Laura! Beautiful post. Once again you have reminded us of what is really important in this world. Thank You!!
    Love, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jeanne

  9. absolutely beautiful ... you, your post, your wisdom, your bone marrow, everything ... absolutely beautiful.


  10. Happy Belated Birthday Laura! What a beautiful post. This post and all your posts are so powerful and they have taught me so many things about life, love, happiness and I could go on and I have to say thank you, thank you! Hope you are feeling better today.

  11. Namaste - happy birthday!

  12. Fabulous. Loving you.

    I'm grateful for you, for all of your gifts and all of your wisdom. Far beyond your 25 years. I'd like to ditto Noah up there--right on.


  13. yes, totally grateful for you Laura! Happy 25th! Wise beyond your years. love, elise

  14. Laura,

    Thank you for sharing ur list. I think I am going to write my own list. You are such an inspiration! Happy birthday, yesterday!!

  15. I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU LAURA! I am grateful that our paths crossed one day! My life is forever changed for the better b/c of you and your kindness and love! Thank you for being a good friend. Your a beautiful person who has a beautiful soul....keep sharing it with those that love you in your posts, it keeps us connected! XOXO miss ya tons Christie