Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...errr...PEDS floor

Since my platelets are super low (resulting in a platelet transfusion today, did you know they're yellow?), I'm not allowed to use my stretchy bands to exercise or cycle for too long on my bike, so the only thing left to get this blood a pumpin' is to take long walks. Now, thank the good lord that I'm allowed out of my room (some transplant patients aren't), so I can roll my butt all the way around the floor. My side is Pediatrics and the other side (it's an X-shaped building) is adult lymphoma, so obviously my side is the cheerier of the two. Take a walk with me:

Meet our pet fish. That orange one even posed for the camera. This tank is just outside of my room and it gives me way more comfort and joy than is reasonable to see their little fishy faces everyday. It also makes me miss the cats. Good morning, fishes.

This hallway has the best light in the morning. Unfortunately it looks out onto a big wall, so I decided not to take a picture of that. Bask in the light with me.

This hallway is full of florescent light, but it has the best view from those windows. Its fun to stand at that window and watch the doctors and nurses before shift change on the street below. Also, along the wall there are tiles of children's art from Christmases past. Very cute.

My favorite window. The two buildings in the back there have rooftop gardens. So lovely:)

No one was out this morning, but this intersection is usually bustling. That is the giant garage for this hospital and St. Luke's across the street, it looks like an assembly line during the week with all of the cars.

The Pedi-Dome. This takes up about 1/4 of this side of the floor. It's HUGE. You can't see it in this picture, but there is a basketball net and a giant school playhouse. This room is always filled with light. They also have BINGO in this room, if fact, I think that's what those tables are set up for...

A good portion of the hospital is under construction, this floor is no exception, but this sign makes me smile every time I walk by. Why? Because in my head it's saying 'ospital, in Audrey Hepburn's voice from My Fair Lady. It also says "g'day govnah!". Oh, the simple things in life.

Annnnnd then I'm back at my room. Thanks for joining me on my walk:) Whew! I'm wiped out...time to suck down another instant breakfast!


  1. oh, i'm so very excited to have all this to read tonight....hahaha! i'm a blogoholic?


  2. love that bit about the sign and Audrey Hepburn. You're so alive. So vibrant. And yes, inspiring as ever. xoxo

  3. Laura,
    I can't tell you how great it was to hear your voice last week! You sound great! We totally missed you at the opening song at the inservice - it just wasn't the same without you! Next year, we'll be back on track! While you may see your blog as therapeutic for you, it is a blessing to all of us who think of you each and every day. To see where you are, and hear what you are doing, and see your lovely tree and know that you are finding the blessings as they come to you is very reassuring to those of us at home. Thanks for yet another gift. Sending bunches of love........Debbie