Monday, September 13, 2010

More cupcake, Less cancer

So I hear that Blogger has been an asshole these last few days. My posts haven't be loading or saving and rumor has it that comments aren't posting either, my apologies dear friends:). Hopefully the kinks will work themselves out! Now, on to the sugar rush.

Before coming down to Houston, I did my research. Researched the hospital, researched the doctor, researched the transplant, researched the city. Most importantly (subjectively speaking, of course), I researched cupcakes. Oh, cupcakes. They are compact, indulgent, offer the luxury of trying several flavors at once without the burden of a whole cake, beautiful little jewels of confectionary geneous. I love them. At home, I'm a cupcake baking nut (I'm even dorky enough to have a special cupcake apron) but down here, without my cupcake supplies and an added paranoia of touching raw eggs, I feared a cupcake drought. That's where my research came in. On the advice of googlemachine, the entire nursing staff of G9 (yes, I polled them), and one very sweet little girl named Olivia, we settled on Celebrity Cupcakes which is conveniently located minutes from the hospital and our apartment.

On Friday, after my first outpatient infusion, P drove me over to Celebrity Cupcakes to sample their wares. OH good lordy. It's tucked away in this little three-store shopping center (with a frozen yogurt place I'm dying to try) and is everything a cupcake only bakery should be. Small, white and pink and smells like buttercream. The cakes were lined up in a glass case like jewelry and the big white boxes are tied with thick pink ribbon instead of string...oh man, can you tell I'm a cupcake freak? I'm over here fanning myself over cupcakes in a display case. I wish I had the forethought to take pictures of the place. (as an aside: I thought I would feel weird walking in there masked, but everyone around her is so used to it, it was totally cool). OK, so here are the cuppycakes (crackcakes?), observe and bask in their beauty with me:

Aren't they puurrdy?!?!? From top left: lemon frosted lemon, chocolate frosted vanilla (my FAVORITE EVAAARR om nom nom), Red Velvet (yes, the one with blue frosting is Red Velvet...meh. I didn't like this one), Coconut, Fleur de Sel (chocolate filled with caramel, sea salt on top- HEROIN CAKE), Hummingbird (a southern specialty- banana pineapple pecan with cream cheese frosting). Mom and P and I cut these into thirds (all except for the Fleur de Sel, I may have eaten most of that on my own.....) and went to town.  Important lesson learned here: I hate cream cheese frosting. Seriously, I felt so guilty because these freaking things were expensive and I didn't like half of them (literally, 3 of them) because of the cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese belongs on bagels (and Cheez-its, no lie) not cake. Butter goes on cakes. Lots of butter. P and Mom LOVED them though so everyone won in the end:) Check out the menu:

Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake!", I say "MORE (CUP)CAKE, LESS CANCER!"


  1. Now I know why you wanted a tier of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake! You truly are a cupcake nut. Love, Nan

  2. this post made me laugh out loud. i share your love of cupcakes, as you might know, and i loved hearing, seeing, and almost tasting them with you. they are seriously tiny works of art in that box with the special separaters!!!!! (sp?) so, you should take a really good pic of the case or of a box of pretty ones, and frame it for your kitchen! my order? LEMON ON LEMON, please!! (and your "more cake, less cancer"? brilliant, silly, meaningful all at the same time. now i'm posting the comment and lets see what crazy word verification i have to type.....

  3. aw, snap, I like cream cheese frosting! and you're the Philly native! Even on carrot cake cupcakes? Not a fan?

    um, blue icing on red velvet is weird, just saying!!

    omg Fleur de Sel be still my heart...