Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in the clink

So, after two ER visits in as many days due to a strange late afternoon fever, I'm back on lock down in the hospital for the next few days until they can get this resolved.  Tres annoying. This morning I had myself quite the pity party about it, and I would be lying if I said I'm not completely pissed off.

Why? Besides the obvious, this weekend my Dad is in town for my birthday and I was really looking forward to spending time with him. Also, and this is what has set me off again crying as I type, P and I were going to get some married couple alone time these few days while Mom and Dad 'vacationed' a bit a local hotel. And P is leaving for home on Saturday. Well, fuck. There was also some nonsense this morning with the doctors which I will save for another post.

Here's hoping they get this resolved post-haste with IV antibiotics and a big bag of ice on my head and eyes (they are super ouchy right now). There is some good news to report though: the GVHD seems to be clearing up nicely on my torso so at least I don't have to endure a feverish hospital stay AND itchy boobs. So there's that.

Thank you all for the texts and FB messages. Y'all rock my socks:)

Much love.


  1. oh, damn, Laura. That just sucks to miss out on your dad's visit and your alone time with P. I'm so so sorry to hear that. I'm not gonna think up some cheery blah blah right now, cause you know what? sometimes it just sucks and you get to be sad. I'm sad with you. i hope every little minute brings you right back onto your game, and i have faith that's how it will go. xoxox

  2. be sad, get pissed, and keep the faith. I love you.

  3. It's officially your birthday - Houston time. So sorry you will be spending it on the 9th floor at MDA. I'm sure someone will be making a trip to the cupcake store to get you a selection :) Don't worry, you will have many, many more to celebrate at home in PA. Take care of yourself and keep the faith. God has big plans for you! xoxo CAL

  4. Heres to feeling better soon.
    Love Andrea

  5. Hi Sweetie: So sorry that you are back in captivity. Hopefully it won't be for long and you will have some time with Phil before he returns East. I know that both you and your Dad are disappointed not to have "apartment" time together. It will be different the next time he is there.
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. Not your favorite one but one birthday out of 80 or 90 isn't all that bad. Keep that in mind. I love you and will call you at a decent hour. I can't miss singing happy birthday to you. Haven't missed in the last 24 years and I'm not going to miss this one. Love you, Nan

  6. Sorry to hear that, Laura. Even though the "apartment" time is not happening, at least you are still able to spend time with them. Everyone knows and understands the situation you are in. Sorry you have to spend your birthday like that but at least, if you have itchy boobs, I am sure Phil would help out with the scratching. Would that count as married couple time?? :) Hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you every day. xoxo

    Love, Brett