Thursday, September 2, 2010

94 vodka tonics on the wall and I really need one

SOOOOOOOOOOOO I had this other post composed in my head about going to a discharge class today and yadda yadda AND THEN....and FUCKING THEN....P discovered that housekeeping had mistakenly taken a GIANT BAG of my laundry, as in a week's worth of FAVORITE stuff and we didn't know about it. The big problem with this? They take those bags, which have linen (sheets, towels) in them usually, off site to a GIANT washing facility. So this means that it's all gone. Forever. Fuck.

Yep, it's just clothes, but I put a lot of thought into those clothes. Like, months of thought into exactly what would be perfect to bring. Obsessive thought. Some of it was even gifted to me from friends and I loved it. A yellow cashmere wrap that I adored (mostly because I got it on sale for $10). ALL of my pants. Well, except my ganipatipants (there has GOT to be symbolism in that). All of my bras, except the one I'm wearing.  My favorite pink dress. This great white hoodie that had a cool skirt thing on it. ALL of my tank tops. There are so many yogic ways to talk about this but right now I reserve the right to say this fucking blows. Maybe this is my major bump in the road. What-the-fuck-ever.

Now, instead of going to sleep, I'm going to start re-ordering shit. OH yeah, AND this morning I woke up and the mucositis started. It just feels like I burned my mouth with hot coffee, and it didn't bug me most of the day, but right now it's just making me mad. HARUMPH.

Karen and Christie, lemme just tell you that you ladies have some kinda intuition. Thank you:)

Much love. Ugh.


  1. Sorry about the lost laundry, Laura. Maybe some of it will reappear, stranger things have happened. I can understand that mucositis is a drag, all side effects are I'm sure, but is it a sign of engraftment? And speaking of that, good luck with the clothing search, maybe new clothes are a good way to welcome your new life? Love, C

  2. ugh!! i would be less composed (and most likely pretty ugly) if someone took my bag of clothes! i am learning from you every darn time you write. its funny how indignant i feel right now, FOR you, and i'm not ready to let go of that just yet. do you shop online ever? other than etsy. :o) i wouldn't know where to go, but i guess this can be your adventure for today. glad the fedex gods were watching.

  3. I second what MLM said under the post before this post ... our table was chatting about you at lunch as well! Everyone thinks of you often. We all miss you ... felt it most when I heard the music department sing on Wednesday (hence the timing of my text). Not the same without you, but just think of how loud you'll be singing next school year? SUPER LOUD! I can't wait!

    PS ... educating others about how BMTs work was a great idea (in reference to your video clips) ... amazing isn't it? Absolutely amazing! Like you!


  4. I understand it can be frustrating (don't you love that - like I'm justifying your emotions for you: "I understand your emotions are real blah blah", and you're thinking "No Freaking Way you understand")to lose personal items that mean so much but I am glad you have this outlet in which to "vent". With all you have been through in this chapter of your life journey that you could vent about -lost laundry would probably be the lightest issue you could unload. I don't mind listening to your venting because (it's healthy) and it seems that you will ineviably give us the reasons why each/or most items mean so much to you! (ie: loved hearing about your scarves) It makes it real, it grounds you and it just proves to us that you are funny, strong, caring, loving and just an all around great person. For some of us who don't know you personally (me included)and are only reading your blogs, becoming emotional attached ourselves following your journey, it takes us down to the personal level of seeing you as a real person with real people feelings, which may be a new emotional journey for us as well. It also makes us proud of you!

    P.S. If you decide to have a nice cry over your missing items, go ahead and release! Then shop!

    Sending juju CCA UD'78

  5. Hi chica,
    So sorry to hear about the clothes -- that would totally fire me up. I hope you find good deals online AND they find your clothes. So happy to hear that you can eat fresh fruit and veggies when you get released from the hospital. That is amazing! XOXO

  6. That is not cool to lose all your clothes? Do they want you to become a nudist while you're staying in the hospital?? And housekeeping was the mole to retrieve the availability of clothes! Think about it! =) If they take Phil's next .. you know I'm right. Smelly uh? LoL I smelled the other day .. but that was cause I realized (once I smelled myself) that I hadn't showered in 2 days! I forget sometimes being so consumed with Sieana. LoL so I smelled cause I'm just dirty. Ha Ha!
    Thank for posting those videos ... it was intense to get to watch it and experience it with you. I'm sending wishes to falling stars, prayers, happy dances and feet up on railroad tracks that those new guys find their home and make it cozy!

    Much Love From Jersey <3
    Katie <3 XoXo