Monday, August 16, 2010

An Apartment and a schedule

Just a quick update tonight. Lots has gone on this weekend, even in the absence of appointments...shocking really. I've been either too busy or too tired to update properly, sorry dear friends. Trust that I have much to share with you:(

The basics:

P and I signed a lease for an apartment today. Thank goodness! This was getting stressful! It's only 5 or so minutes from the hospital and quite nice actually. It's a nice new property, two bedrooms, two baths, furnished, has a pool and a fitness center...lots of good stuff to keep P and Mom occupied. It's also big enough that I don't think I'll want to jump out of a window while living indoors during my 100 days isolation.....maybe? I will not be posting the address here (duh.) but will forward it along to friends, family and work. No creepers here, mmmmkay? Mmmmkay.

Tomorrow's schedule looks a little something like this :
9:00am: Blood Draw (probably a surprise pee test too, sweet!)
10:30 am Business Center Follow-up (gimme 'yo money!)
11:00 am Visit with Dr. de Lima
11:30 am Transplant Coordinator Visit
2:30 pm Bone Marrow Aspiration/ Biopsy (I fucking hate these. There is no way to sugarcoat this. Screwing a hollow needle into my pelvis and sucking out marrow BLOWS. Hopefully I'll get some good meds out of it- what, you think EVERYONE who has had one of these hasn't thought the same thing? Please, save the puritan nonsense for someone who doesn't have a bleeding hole in their hip bone :) )

For those of you who are on FB, you know that I posted about the crazy yoga studio near here that offers the 'yoga facelift'. Yes, I did end up going to class because I just NEEDED to sweat somewhere other than my hotel room. No, my face is not any more lifted, if fact, they didn't do anything involving the face really. There is a really funny story here too, but I'm too damn tired to post it. Let's put it this way, the class was fun, but not in the same way that DYML is fun (or special, or friendly, or warm...shall I go on?). More of a "I can't believe that lady just did that without smearing her makeup and OMG STOP SHOVING MY ARMPITS INTO MY MAT!!!" kind of way. The space was really nice though:)

Thank you dear friends who have called and texted, I don't want you to think that your words are being ignored if I haven't responded, we never expected to be so busy or so tired:( I will make it a point to try to get talk to many of you before going into the hospital, because that is very important. P and I miss home so very much and just want to say how thankful we are for your love, kindness and generosity. All snarkiness aside, thank you and much love to Philly. xo


  1. Heres to meds and breathing to get you thru the body intrusions.
    Love Andrea<3

  2. Hey chica, so glad to hear that you found an apartment that you both like. I hope the drugs are very good -- you kick serious ass. Big hugs to you dear. XOXO