Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hey-yo Houston

We're here, whether we like it or not, we're here!

Here's how today went:

Manically packed because we were both in denial and frankly couldn't stand to do it until the last minute. Here's my mess from this morning:

Several months worth of clothing in one suitcase? Talk about an exercise in determining need. Oy. 

We rushed off to the airport and away we went, attitude and all:

Yes, please note the black hair and nerdy reading glasses...:)

We arrived at our hotel a touch after 6:30 pm. This place is wonderful, I must say. It is attached via "sky bridge" to MDA's main building, meaning that that 7 am appointment is going to suck that much less. The room is comfortable, there's a bar and restaurant in the place (we have obs. already sampled the bar...and I gorged on the raw veggies in the restaurant...dude, I won't be able to eat 'em for awhile, gotta live it up now!) and, best of all, there's a freaking pool and jacuzzi downstairs calling my name.

Philly, meet MD Anderson via our hotel room window:

For tonight, we're laying low and relaxing, tomorrow is a busy day. It is gonna look a little something like this:

7:00 am Blood Draw
7:30 am Chest X-Ray
8:10 am Prep for CT Scan
8:40 am CT Scan Head/Neck (this means no breakfast)
9:45 am Ophthalmology Appointment
11:00 am Research Coordinator visit, Stem Cell Transplant Unit
11:30 am Appointment with Dr. De Lima
1:00 pm ITT Pre-Procedure Assessment- Transfusion Center
3:15 pm Anesthesia Assessment Center Check-in
3:30 pm Anesthesia Assessment for OR (this is for my port placement next week)

It makes me grumpy just looking at this. Drinks will be had tomorrow night, FOR SURE.

I will tell you that today has been an emotional one. It all seems like a blur, however, there was one moment of clarity. As we were traveling from the airport to the hotel via an airport shuttle, I spotted the 'Welcome to Houston' sign. I suddenly felt eerily calm, like I just knew I was going to be OK. That must seem stupid, maybe it is psychological, but it just felt right. This feels right.

In other weirdness, when my brother dropped us off at the airport in Philly, the darn craziest thing happened, something that I have chosen to take as a good omen. As we were unloading our bags from my brother's car, I look up and there, walking past us at that very moment, is an old acquaintance from high school. Not being able to control myself, I blurted out "Brian!?!?!" and he turned and gave the biggest smile. Turns out, he was heading to a wedding in Boston at that very moment. He gave me a big hug, which I am quite fond of these days, and went on his merry way. What are the freaking odds?

I will try to post updates daily on here, it helps to feel connected to you folks at home. Thank you for your messages of comfort, reassurance and friendship. Keep 'em coming:) Though I may not respond right away, rest assured that your words have been received and have uplifted. :)

Much love!!!


  1. Hi chica! Have been thinking about you all day. So glad that the sign sparked the feeling that everything was going to be OK. I don't think that's stupid and the airport sighting is a good omen in my book too. XOXOXO

  2. Let the rumpus begin
    Sounds like you are in good hands.
    Thanks for your posting.
    Love Andrea

  3. On day at a time girlfriend!!! Thinking of you guys often and sending you love and light!! Thanks for your posts. Love Kathe

  4. well, by now you're through that long day, hopefully ending with the scheduled drinking appointment! maybe you're snoozing peacefully right now,... i really hope that's the case. i love that you're doing this blog, laura, its connecting and comforting! (who am I to need comforting, sorry if that doesn't come out right) anyway, i love the "one day at a time" idea, too.... keep on writing! we're all here!