Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go time

So, please forgive me if this post lacks my normal banter or becomes garbled, I'm effing exausted and my thoughts are stuck on stupid. Here is the deal:

P and I leave tomorrow (Wednesday) for Houston. Our flight departs Philadelphia at 2:20 pm which will put us in Houston sometime around 5:30 pm Central Time (oh yeah, FYI, there is a one hour time difference between here and there).

We do not have an apartment settled yet so we will be staying at the hotel attached to MDA until we get an apartment (we are on lots of waiting lists) or until I get admitted, whichever comes first.

Beginning on Thursday I will post my daily appointment schedule (because that's interesting and stuff) and anything that I have to say about that. Meh.

In other news, we have spent the last week or so spending tons of time with dear family, friends and each other. If I may take a moment to get sappy, after spending these last precious days with those that we love and care about most, I cannot understand how anyone can become a cynic. There is so much good in others, so much love to be shared, so much caring and generosity in the world.

This morning was the last yoga class that I will be able to attend for some time. On my walk home from class I composed a whole entry about it. And cried. My god did I cry. Savasana to doorstep tears. By the time I got home I was such a wreck that I couldn't bring myself to write about it. I am trying to remember the words that I wrote in those moments, because they were good, but all I can seem to come up with right now is this:

This practice of yoga, this discipline, this dedication, this education has shaped my life in a more profound way than some bonkers white blood cells ever could. It has made my body strong, my breath deep, my friendships lifelong and shining, my mind clear and my spirit fulfilled. The people, this kula, have provided a home, a shelter, a glorious support (and the best damn hugs ever). This is not goodbye, not even for a little while. This is not a thing to mourn, though it is tempting. It is a time to be full of gratitude for these things and feel steady in the support and knowledge that yoga is not just in the asana. All of that sounds very flowery and nice, very profound, but those tears still fell. They settled on my mat and will remain there to greet me again when I come back. When I come home.

For now, I'm going to continue saying goodbye (or see you in a little while) to my friends and some family, cuddle these cats and finish packing. Will update in the AM.
Night y'all :)


  1. Good morning Laura,
    Wishes for a safe journey
    and patience for all of us until you return
    to Yoga on.
    Love Andrea

  2. eloquent, inspiring, thought provoking, and ever positive, with total honesty. i know you've come into my life for an important reason (reasons) and i'm grateful. will be present every day, reading your words, praying, and laughing with you, sweetheart! all the best of every single thing, breathe deeply-
    so much love,

  3. Dave and I hope you arrive safely and soundly, and we are thinking of you lots while you move forward with your journey. You continue to inspire us, and we wish you the very best. Lots of love!!

  4. You are such a bright light in our kula. you are missed and, yes tears fall. But STILL we see the beauty, the blindingly bright beauty.

    Loving you from up here! inner body BLAZING!!!!

  5. Thinking about you lots -- Rock on, sista!

  6. Be safe, hopeful and strong. Love, Chris

  7. Can't help the tears and I have to keep reminding myself and Steesh to be grateful for you and this chance to heal. We really do miss you but we've got your back!! Big Hugs from PHilly!!! xoshawn