Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Donor

Dear Donor,

I don't know the kind of things about you that most people think define a person. Those first-date-basics pieces of information: favorite food, where you grew up, what you do for a living, if you prefer cats or dogs  (though I have a suspicion that you like both). What I know about you is something that many people will never have the divine opportunity to learn about another person. The thing I know about you is something that can only be found in the most special sort of person. It is hidden, illusive, maybe not present at all in some. That thing is the ability to save.

You have saved me and given me a new life. You said "Yes", first in joining the registry, and then again that wonderful day when they called you and said you were a match. You have given hope, faith and love. You are selfless beyond selfless. There are hardly more words to describe what you are and what you have given.

Thanks to your selfless gift, you have given me many more happy years in my very young marriage. You have given many more years of joyful teaching and music making. You have given me the opportunity to have children of my own someday, and maybe even grandchildren. You have given me thankfulness and deep gratitude and faith in human nature.

Thank you, dear donor. Dear 35 year old male donor. When I asked where you are from, they told me that you are a resident of earth. I think you are certainly bound to be a resident of heaven as well.

Love and gratitude,



  1. Hi Laura,
    You are a remarkable person, and this journey of yours (actually all of ours) is teaching me so much on so very many levels. Today is the beginning of a long life filled with health, happiness and love. We are proud of you, happy for you and humbled by the way you are walking your path - thank you for sharing so much with us!

  2. Thank you donor. For giving Laura life. For giving everyone she shines her light on life. For giving yourself a gift. Thank you, 35 year old male, for being the person that made me want to join the donor list, and for giving me hope that if I am someone's match I will have the courage to say yes too, because you have been so brave and kind.

    L and P and family and friends: ROCK ON!

  3. Wow! You both are an inspiration to all! Thank you!

  4. oh, boy. i'm so emotional right now. it must be the long wait, and here we are on the day of the transplant. its also your blog tonight, which is so heartfelt and more meaningful than anything i've ever read.... and the night we've just had at studio (the love was practically visible, tangible, you could taste it). thank you dear donor, for saving our girl, thank you, Laura for your friendship, you've impacted many lives. i'm proud to now be potential donor, and i can't wait for you to just come home. xox

  5. I've been thinking about you ALL day. Can't wait for the next Post! And Yes, Thank you donor, you are giving one of God's brightest shining stars a new chance! I don't know you, but I love you as well!

    Much Love Laura and Phil

    Katie <3

  6. sweetest. love letter. ever.

    thanks Laura!

  7. Beautiful.

    The yoga practice was absolutely stunning tonight. I was so moved, am still feeling so inspired, and just so thankful for you in my life. And for your incredible donor, of course. I hope you felt a little of the somethin' somethin' we were sending you from Ardmore. SO MUCH LOVE in one room. JUST WOW. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    P.S. Not injured, and probably now addicted. ;)

  8. Been thinking of you all day, woman. I'm in Reno, NV - right, what?! getting ready for that big festival in the desert. I looked at your blog hoping that I would see some funky picture of you saying "Woohoo! It's done!". Unrealistic, I totally understand, but there was a glimmer for that minute. Instead, I leave really early in the morning for the desert where nothing lives. The earth is so alkaline that no bugs, no trees, no shrubs, hardly anything can survive. And then, our crazy human species decides to throw the most crazy awesome party. So, this week I'll be hoping that your new cells are throwing an awesome crazy party, loving life, in their new, hollowed out, previously not-very-livable habitat. I'll be away from email until Labor Day (One WHOLE week!) but know I'll be thinking about you. Much much love! *m

  9. LOVE your letter! YOU are an inspiration! YOU, Laura, represent light, life, and love. I continue to be amazed by your strength, sense of humor, and grace (with the occasional f-bomb ... LOVE IT). Stay strong when you can, lean when you must, smile your beautiful smile, and take it all in. Your new lease on life will bring joy to EVERYONE around you!


  10. WOW.... How does one respond to that? You are able to put your feelings into words which is a gift in it self and here I am trying to see the keyboard with tear filled eyes. I just wanted to let you know that we love you and are praying for a speedy recovery. I better go before I short out the keyboard Love Ya, Jeff

  11. WOW! Love you girl and your donor too!!:-) Stay strong and focused,new beginnings and happiness are yours for the taking!! Keep up the hard work.
    xoxo Praying daily.Sending the vibe philly style~

  12. Your way with words is a gift to us all. I hope you are able to meet your donor some day.

    Love, Brett

  13. Dear Donor: There is no way that I can express my thanks to you for giving my beautiful grandaughter, Laura, her gift of life. It must be a truly amazing feeling to know what you have done even though the donation has been a painful and difficult experience for you. You are in my prayers forever and I hope that someday I can thank you personally. Laura's Nan, Janet