Saturday, August 14, 2010

MacBooks make very comfortable pillows, FYI

Hey y'all (this is Texas, you know)! I meant to post last night about the appointments and testing I had done yesterday....but then I fell asleep on the computer. Like, awoke this morning and my laptop was open and my pillow was on the keyboard, asleep on the computer.

Here's a brief recap of the last 24 hours:

Yesterday was a short day for appointments and testing:
10 am Social Worker Visit- We ironed out the documents for my living will and power of attorney. Grossly sobering and sad stuff. Ugh.
11 am EKG, PFT and Echocardiogram. Went swimmingly, I was told I have above average lung strength and a damn healthy heart. The highlight of this appointment was that I had the pleasure of meeting two pretty awesome women, Ninfa and Helen.

Ninfa did my PFT (lung testing) and I believe she was sent from heaven above. This woman, from Mexico City, brought such light and hope into my day, it was necessary to hug her on my way out of the room. She held my hand and told me that she could see in my soul that I was going to be OK. She told me that this is a special place to be, the best place to be, and that she would pray for me. We talked about art and literature and opera. We compared notes on Don Quixote and poetry. She told me about her daughter who is in the Air Force and about where she grew up in Mexico. This woman is a beacon of hope, as are so many in this place. I feel honored to have met her. Thank you Ninfa.

Helen did my Echo and there is no way in hell she got an accurate reading on that damn thing. Why, you ask? Because she had me CRYING with laughter!!! Helen is a Texan, born and raised outside of Houston, with two parents from Louisiana. "Dang Cajuns" according to her. Helen was loud, animated, cursed up a storm and basically made my week. I learned a few valuable things from Helen: what a double cousin is (uh, yeah. that exists), the definition of the term "flatbackin'", not to identify all from Louisiana as Cajuns- only those from a certain county to the coast and only with the right lineage, the word "guido" means nothing here, that one always saves the barbeque in the event of a hurricane, was Shrimp Etouffee is and that one can bribe a FIMA "boy" with it, Buca de Beppo is as close to Italian food as one can get in Texas, not to swim in the water in Galveston and don't eat seafood for three months after a hurricane or tropical depression (always, ALWAYS ask where your seafood is from down here darlin'). She gave me a big bear hug and now I just want to invite her over for beer.

After those appointments, while P was getting the rental car, I indulged in some RAW (RAAAWWWWWWW) veggie sushi. Because I can. For now. So I'm GONNA:) I documented the meal because there is NOTHING else to do. Observe.

Avocado salad roll.
Veggie roll. Yummmmmmm.
om nom nom nom nom
Wash it down with Shiner Bock. BECAUSE I CAN!!! :)

Later last night, P and I went to Goode's Barbeque to gorge ourselves on good ole Texas cookin'. Seriously, if you are ever in Houston, go there. No really, don't argue with me. Go there and order everything. Wear spandex. Drink beer. Sigh deeply. Again, observe:
That would be ribs, brisket, rice and cole slaw. OH, and that there in the top left corner? That pie? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that pie can bring about world peace. That pie is better than any grandma's pie in the nation. Sorry Esposto family, love ya, but this pie is :::GASP::: better than Nana's. Please God don't tell her.

After dinner we tried to go see a movie but Houston is huge, we got lost, yelled at eachother about the iPhone map directions, got a tour of a part of town we won't be returning to and then resigned to parking our BBQ butts in the hot tub. A pretty good night:)

Today was basically just driving around town, checking out the poshest mall ever (uh Ferrigamo, Prada and Chanel much?), snooping on some apartment places and now we're off to inhale some tacos.

I will be honest here and say that P and I are starting to become very homesick now that the reality of being here for so long has begun to set in. We miss our families, friends and kitties and want to say thank you for those of you who have been able to reach out. We love the videos of the cats and the messages, calls and texts. Seriously, keep 'em coming:)!

Much love and thanks:)


  1. <3 Love the pixs and loving you!

  2. i love the pics, too! and did i ever mention how i love the words you chose? well, i do. one more thing for now.... i'm totally sure the people you'll meet will be pretty special people, given the work they've chosen, but don't miss the fact that you tend to bring out the best in people. you do. xox

  3. you are so pretty. and okay now I'm hungry.

  4. wishes for a week of sweet with the bitter.