Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you Cancer

This post was born in the early evening tonight while on a beautiful summer evening drive home with P.  I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and thank you notes are very important you know.

Thank you cancer, for all that you have done for me.

Thank you for helping me understand love.
Thank you for showing me that while I often feel meek, ferocity lives in me.
Thank you for testing me and demanding that I pass.
Thank you for making me savor every moment, the perfect and the imperfect.
Thank you for giving me something to live up to.
Thank you for making me let go.
Thank you for reminding me why I practice.
Thank you for not allowing me to be frivolous. 
Thank you for allowing me to grow deep roots in my marriage.
Thank you for giving me the ability to set goals. Twenty year goals.
Thank you for opening my eyes to the goodness that lives in those around me.
Thank you for filling my life with those that I am in awe of.  They are the greatest blessing.
Thank you for requiring honest gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness.
Thank you for making me get my priorities in order.
Thank you for giving me the humility to say yes.
Thank you for giving me the strength to say no.
Thank you for opening my eyes to the elegance and beauty of the world around me, and in me.
Thank you for forcing me to evaluate how I interact with those most important in my life.
Thank you for the opportunity to begin to grow.

Thank you, Cancer, for everything.  Now kindly fuck off.


  1. Who sang everyday I write the book?
    Reading your blog connects me to what is important.
    Thank you

  2. ah, what a way with words. that last line makes the whole post sparkle. i love you, laura.

  3. Laura, your blog is a treasure! I just read the WHOLE thing. And I agree with Doris about the last line. Nailed it. It's been deeply humbling reading your posts and having the privilege of sharing in your journey. thank you! and of course, namaste.

  4. Ellie Heckman DermondAugust 8, 2010 at 9:09 PM

    How about a "Thank You Laura" for having the wisdom to recoginize these truths and the courage to share your discoveries?

  5. Laura big thanks for sharing your wisdom! You are a wonderful teacher!!!! See you in yoga class this tuesday.....your an inspiration!